IMS Center for Physician Recruitment (CPR)


As Iowa's statewide medical society, we want to help you with your recruiting efforts, and that's why we created the IMS Center for Physician Recruitment or IMS CPR.

Sometimes we forget that we have an enviable story to tell about practicing medicine in Iowa. In fact, we found that 26% of Iowa's hospitals, clinics and independent physician practices aren't using any tools for recruitment. Roughly 40% are using only generic community information that doesn't address specifics about the practice environment in Iowa.

Clearly, we have a need for professional, targeted recruiting materials to attract physicians to our state. Please take a look at the items we're offering and let us know if you would like to order an IMS CPR Kit to assist you with your recruiting efforts.

The following materials are included in the kit:

Recruiting Tips    Retention Orientation Module 
A Practice Worth Living Brochure    A Practice Worth Living DVD 
Recruiting Webinar DVD    IMS Resident Connect 
IMS Job Bank    A Practice Worth Living Web site key component of IMS CPR is our Web site for physician recruits. We encourage you to send your candidates to for more information about living and practicing medicine in Iowa.

Each kit contains a special run of IMS Resident Connect, a service that gives you the names and addresses of residents in five specialties who have a connection to Iowa.

If you have any questions or comments about IMS CPR, please feel free to contact us or call us at 800-747-3070!

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